Eyezmaze | 12/17/05

A few days ago in the comments, sunshine had posted there was a new Grow up at eyezmaze and sure enough--A Christmas themed one. This one is pretty easy, with only six squares but it nonetheless took me four tries to get it when really, you should be able to get it in two. The Ornament (Tree) Grow solution is: Present, Heart, Cloud, Light, Ribbon, Star just in case you have a Traumatic Brain Injury and are severly retarded. I'm not saying that that TBI makes you retarded, I'm saying you could be retarded AND have TBI. Oh wait, that's a totally separate subject...

I got my first post-Jack employment email from Toni asking about a bunch of things. Even though I had explicitly asked NOT to be contacted for anything related to Jack (personal is cool--I like Toni and all) I still got a list of questions about passwords and stuff. Sure, I could have taken the time to have figured out the answers to them all but I figured...nah. All the passwords were saved as *'s anyway so even if I hadn't deleted all his accounts off my machine I couldn't have looked them up anyway. I'm sure my answers didn't satisfy any of Jack's questions and that brings a little joy to my life. He would never help anyone else out for free so unless he wants to pay my new consulting fee of $1000/hr (like the CEOesque consultant of Krispy Kreme) he can kiss my sculpted white ass.




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