Pink Floyd: Wizard of Oz | 12/18/05

Tonight jamie, chris and michael went over to pchris and elena's to try to answer the age old question: Does Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon really sync up with The Wizard of Oz. Poker Chris determined we would start from the second lion's roar. Honestly, the results are inconclusive. Were there some really sync'd up parts? Yes, yes there were. Were the parts that seemed ideal for a sync that didn't have one? Yes. Poker Chris made a good point when said that even though Pink Floyd has always denied it being true, who would sit around trying to fit rock CDs to old movies? I'd never seen the Wizard of Oz before so at least I got another movie added to my list. The next movie is going to be Blade Runner which apparently sync's up with Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album. We'll see. I'm going back to Chicago on Thursday so if you're going to get me present you better do it fast. All I really want are links to my blog.


Rigo (Unknown)

We just sync'd Echoes w. 2001 Space Odyssey. The last Jupiter chapter.



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