Pay Your Website Designer | 12/19/05

Middle-Aged Girlfriend,
I don't know why I hung in there for so long. I never gave you anything other than kindness and love, and what I got in return was just plain crazy. You have made a ton of bad decisions, The irony of it all is that you keep making bad decisions, and change your mind on a daily basis. I can't sit back and watch you crash and burn anymore. You get involved in petty disputes with all kinds of misfits, and seem to enjoy the battle. I'm not going to bail you out of any more of those cases, and once our Middle Aged Friend responds to your latest lawsuit, I'll get out of that one, too. You fail to realize that the men you have been involved with only want to f*** you, and are not nice men as you describe them, and have no intention of doing anything other than getting you naked and in their bed. I didn't treat you that way, but to justify the breakup, you'll probably distort something to make me look like a bad guy. The irony is that I'm probably the only man who treated you with love and respect and put up with your weird behavior. I made the mistake of falling in love with you, and wanted to have a stable and healthy relationship. I can't do that. Not with you, anyway. You have rejected me so many times and in so many ways that I can't go on. I expected you to bail on the Middle Aged Holiday party. You have been trying for weeks to back out. The fact that it was important to me is of no consequence to you, because it is now and has always been all about Middle Aged Girlfriend. I'll go with someone else, and they can call her Middle Aged Girlfriend all night, and I'll try to avoid the embarrassment of you not being there. I was proud to call you my sweetie, but now I'll go back to dating women who appreciate me for me. I was used by you. You took me for everything you could get,and I suppose I was the latest in a long line of fools. Last night, you outlined your intentions. I never did factor into your plans, and I should have realized it a lot sooner. I just never thought you could be so cold-hearted about it. Goodbye.




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