Pay Your Website Designer: Part II | 12/20/05

Middle-Aged Ex-Boyfriend
its just like you to overeact like this. you make it sound like i'm some charity case that you graciously took on like all your precious clients. i'm far from crashing and burning but most of it is your fault and your bad advice not my decisions. Middle Aged Boyfriend, i don't WANT to deal with these "misfits" but i have to. that's the business i'm in. I sure as hell don't need to bail me out of anything. i built this company totally on my own and i could give a s*** if your my lawyer or not. Middle Aged Friend is twice the man you are so i really could give two s***s about you. The men you say that just want to f*** me ARE NICE MEN and i know the only reason you bring that up is because you're jealous. their looks, their careers the fact THEY"RE ADULTS AND YOU"RE NOT!

There could be more but I guess we have no way of knowing. Tomorrow will be my last entry before I leave for Chicago to see my family.




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