Best of 2005 | 12/21/05

Best Song I Discovered: Say It Ain't So - Weezer

Best New Friends: elena and pchris

Best "Oh yeah..." Moment: brian coming into town for a weekend.

Best Dog: Chompy

Best Decision: To stop working with Crazy Old Man Jack and to curtail my freelance to work at RD; the only place I've ever worked where every single person is both competent and easy to work with. Thanks chris

Best Food: The first time jamie and I went to Giorgio's and I had the blackened prime rib. Pretty lousy the last time I was there

Best Purchase: The laptop but a very, very close second is my new desk chair.

Best Skill Developed: Either ActionScript or cheating at poker...

Best Trip: New Orleans but only because it was destroyed afterwards. So long suckers.

Best Tallahassee Discovery: Paradigm, hands down.

See you in a week.




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