Official Poker Tally | 12/29/05

Ah, back to the grind. Today was a reminder that after nearly three months I still don't know what I'm really supposed to be doing at work. It seems like all projects fall into one of two categories: Abstract Ideas and Immediate Response. It doesn't seem like there are any middle-term projects and things either stay as concepts or need to be developed immediately. I generally work well in that sort of environment but I also am a little more used to having, I don't know, more experience in the areas that I'm grunting in. Even though I'm STILL (ask me how pissed I am) working on this Law Firm's site until recently I spent a couple hours a day in my "free time" to try to learn more about what I'm doing at work. The problem is that everything I seem to learn is counterintuitive to what I'm supposed to be achieving. Since I don't have a strong background in the area I don't know if I'm interpreting these things correctly. Compounding things, there's not a solid track record for me to compare my current results even though (to me, of course) they seem spectacular to previous months. I just don't know. Anyway...

Tonight was the last poker night of 2005. elena and pchris didn't come but ricky did and we nestled into the kitchen with jamie and tchris and played some five-handed cards. It was a great and long-lasting game but I was able to fend of T-Chris, completing the Two Months of Mike and Jamie Terror. Next year we'll still be playing on Thursdays and better stats will be kept. But until then...

2005 Official Poker Tally
Me (9 wins)
Jamie (6.5 wins)
Theory-Chris (5 wins)
Poker-Chris (3 wins)
N-Brian (2 wins)
Elena (1.5 wins)




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