Abby New Year! | 01/02/06

Happy New Year! Don't bother going back to December 2005 looking for the last couple entries--there aren't any. I spent the last two days of 2005 working around the clock (literally) to finish Damn Law Firm's website. It launched last night around 2am so I'm feeling pretty good now.

For New Year's we went over to pchris and elena's for some NYD Poker. Since so many people I know that actively read this are now playing I decided to drop the Links section and replace it with the Weekly Poker section. In due time I'll have a good stat tracking system so you can see how awesome I we are. P-Chris was the first winner of the 2006 and won $40 and an assortment of jewelry and credit cards. We were there for about six hours playing cards and didn't leave until about 3:30am. On Sunday jamie and I went back over there to play some NCAA Football 2006 on the ole playstation. Go State.

Today I did nothing. All day. Nothing. Tomorrow evening, since I can now have a life again, I'm going to make the Guilt Links an option you can turn off so for those of you on slow connections (or are still using Internet Explorer) you won't have to wait.




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