Little Red Corvette | 01/04/06

I need to go back to school. Today chris was trying to be coerced into staying at the RD despite his well-known (and smart) plan to start grad school in the fall. I totally understand the whole Different Strokes for Different Folks mentality, I really do but don't you, as a member of society, owe society something back? I'm not talking paying your taxes--that's paying your country back for keeping you safe from WMD's. I'm talking about doing something that in some way benefits The Future. I guess I just don't understand how anyone can feel fullfilled only going after money. What happens when you have money? You want more. It's endless. Of course we all want money, duh; lots of it. But once you're living comfortably, why keep striving for excess? Is having a Corvette really going to make that THAT much more happy? If the answer is yes, isn't that indicitive of a larger problem of having misplaced values? From a reasonable blend of personal experience and the experiences of others I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that you can live modestly at around $60,000 a year. So if you don't have the skills to benefit society you should be able to positively influence something. This isn't global either--don't go giving money to the Red Cross or to fund the next political campaign--take that money and help someone you know or donate your time/services to institution trying to help society at the local level.

I'm so envious of all my poor friends that are teaching. And don't sell out Chris! You can do it!




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