Rock is Dead | 01/06/06

Tonight just about everyone I knew went over to tchris's house for a Pre-School party. I distinctly recall there being a time I was on the Academic side of the room and talking shit about my students or whatever but now I was definitely on the corporate side talking with my fellow 9-5 (or 6's) about ROIs, CPCs and OSHA. I was pretty tired and probably not much fun but it was nice to see all the Old School people again in a social setting outside of my house and I'm really glad I went. We all took T-Chris' guitar and passed it around taking turns playing the first eight measures of songs. I did a really bad job of remembering the new people's names...Rob, Bruce, Sara(h). That's about it. There might have been a Matt too but that's really just a guess. Someone brought a baby and the mom, when sitting at the table, would just lay her big baby-feeding boobs right on the table while she sat and talked. Gross. I'm sure it's hard to go out when you have a baby; it's hard enough when you have a dog or two and have been at work all day. Seriously though, if you're going to breastfeed in the office, close the door ALL the way. Seriously. No one wants to see that.




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