Word Whomped | 01/09/06

Today around 4pm my work-dream came true. We finally were accepted into the HFC program after about 30 of my emails and pestering the right people. Or maybe the stars aligned and I had nothing to do with it. I don't really care though. What I do know is that I finally get to spite the company that hired the guy that had this job before me. Why do I want to spite him? He set a bad precedent for working at home; something I enjoy very much. So if I can ruin his life a little bit you bet that I'm going to do it. Oh yeah, we're going to make a lot more money and one of the things I've learned in the corporate world is that money is good.

jamie whomped me tennis tonight. We only played for about an hour since she had to go home early so I had plenty of time to wallow in my sucking. At least I got some exercise.

I noticed that all my friends with MySpace pages got their first Page Rank today from Google. Both tchris and marty both got 2/10s. Those PR stealers. I didn't even get backlinks! There are really only three sites holding me at the 2/10 I'm at right now--brian, chris and sunshine. I know no one could give a rat's ass about PR except the people I work with but that's what determines how important you are to the internet and through that how highly you appear in searches. Since my hits are down since the start of the year I've been taking steps to bring my PR up. Why? Who cares you say? Me. Me the Narcissist.




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