Suckray Credit Counseling | 01/11/06

Today I had my first really terrible experience with a potential business partner. His name is Tom Krapman and he works for Suckray Credit Counseling. I hope he finds his name. I knew he was a moron from his poorly typed emails but he confirmed it with a call we had this afternoon. Putting his "this is bulls*" comment aside, he hung up on me. I didn't yell, I didn't say anything bad. I just said we wouldn't be doing business with him. And he acted like a four year old. I get along with most of our business partners and advertisers but there are some I don't click with. Yet, we've never had a problem. Business is business. I hate the guy from eLoan and he hates me but we at least suck it up long enough to get our business done. With Tom, his contracted IT department already told me he was a complete idiot so that wasn't a good sign. He called our site amateurish...even though his could have been easily made in FrontPage with graphics done in MS Paint. Whatever dude. You lost out in six figures of income. Sorry.

I put the first design for a new Sudoku site up. You can see it here. I'll happily take any feedback you have.

O.A.R. is on Conan right now. These guys are awful. Like...crazy awful. Remember the band Live? The lead singer kind of sounds like that but crappier and the song... wow. I like how even with a six piece band they still totally suck and do nothing with the keyboardist and the extra guitarist. Seriously, these guys might have to occupy the new #2 spot on my least favorite band list...they'll push Bush out to #3 with U2 holding strong at #1. They also just showed one of those The More That You Know commercials that said this: The internet is like surfing in open water; you have to watch out for sharks. What the HELL does that even mean? Where else would you surf? On a sandbar? At a frat bar? On a Mounds Bar? Along some rebar? I need more sleep.




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