Harroween | 10/31/06

I skipped the first hour of work yesterday to go meet with MS before he left for the SMT conference in LA to explain to him why I felt myself worthy to go get a DM. I think he will write me a good letter; he remember more about my teaching than I did and made me feel really good about it. He also told me to not bother applying to some of the schools on my list because I wouldn't get in, including his thrice alma mater, Yale. If it were someone less nice I would probably ignore than advice but deep down I think he's right. I have been out of school for a long time and since Yale is free everyone applies there. He made it sound like Cornell and Berkeley were my best bets because they were the most liberal with their applicants. At first I was a little bit offended but it's true--I have a porfolio full of publications and awards but they're mostly for steel drum things. I've dropped out of school and let's face--there are more "willing" students out there. Not to say I'm not willing to learn because I am but there are students where the education process will encounter less resistance. I enjoyed MS' classes and I really got the sense he enjoyed teaching so I think he's a good example and will heed his advice. I have the GRE next Tuesday and will now only will worry about sending it to five schools instead of nine.




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