You're Hired! | 01/16/06

Work went by really fast today. We made our first hire of the New Year and I'm feeling really good about him. I also emailed another guy about coming in for an interview but he hasn't replied yet... I get a bad vibe but whatever, we can at least talk to him. I have a pair of jeans where the zipper magically comes down. Since we are a casual office I wear jeans every day and I try to remember not to wear this particular pair. However the first time I wore them was a few months ago and I was outside talking to the boss. I couldn't just grab it and zip it up so I had to leave it open. Now everyone has a catchprase...hey, you want to hang out this summer? Hey, is your flag waving? Well I'm not wearing them anymore. I'm not some pervert looking to flash everyone I work with (unless that might get me a raise). Whatever, it's my body and I can do what I want.




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