Severe Weather | 01/17/06

I have to say, today was pretty easy. I worked for about an hour before I took chris to the airport. He's on his way to Paris and has promised he'll blog daily so we can keep up with his travels. That'll be fun. Once I got back to work I had a quick meeting with SEO Mistress Christine before I went out to lunch with Kathy. We went to Paradigm and, as always, it was pretty dern good. When I got back I met with Glenn, one of Kurt's friends from Oklahoma. He wanted to see what I did here at the ol' RD but it turned into a political discussion which lasted about 90 minutes. Since I had accomplished so little the rest of the day went by quickly since I had a day's worth of work to do. After work I went home and dogsat Ab while jamie went to Waterworks with Danielle. I tried working on the Sudoku site but the fact of the matter is that I suck slicing up pages. I don't have a lot of experience doing it and I'd like to keep it that way. By 11pm I had fallen asleep. Ta-da. The excitement never ends.

Ok, I know I rant enough about Firefox/Mozilla that you're probably using it by now. Here comes the best (arguably) part...extensions. Download these bad boys:
Forecast Fox
Ad Block
Search Status (for nerds--you know who you are)
Web Developer (also for nerds)




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