Stick-Chompy | 01/22/06

What a Friday and Weekend. At work on Friday we launched a new set of business deals. It was one of those If It Works, Everyone Goes About Their Normal Lives but if it failed it was Where's Mike?!?!?!?! Everything worked out fine but it nonetheless was a mentally taxing day. chris has been in France for the past week and without him everyone kind of just looks around blankly when questions are thrown out to the office at large. Just about everyone I knew met with Kathy and Fed-Chris at Decent Pizza. By the time I had put my shoes on to leave jamie called to tell me it was over. I think I fell asleep at like 10pm.

Saw 2 needlesOn Saturday morning Jamie came by early to drag me to some garage sales. They sucked so I came home and napped until about 3:30pm. I mucked around until about 9pm when michael picked me up to go see Saw II. We also went with Kevin; he's a good guy that Kevin. I thought it was pretty good even though I felt like a total retard because I didn't understand the end. Fortunately I was the only one and Kevin and Michael were able to explain it to me. The problem with a movie where you KNOW there's going to be a twist is that you try to anticipate it but then BAM you're wrong but you're so sold on YOUR conspiracy that you can't adapt to the new plot turns. Oops.

Desperate Housewives CalebMan, was Desperate Housewives good or what? I have to admit that I'm not into the Susan N' The Doctor plot at all but I'm really fond of the rest. The show is getting really hard to swallow though--who beats up a nun? Or hires their husband (right honey? Can I be a social worker?) Or hides retarded murderers in their extra bedroom? Yeah, I'm still into it though. I can't help myself. My other problem with the show right now is that they're trying to develop too many stories in an hour. Last season was successful because they focused on one, maybe two per episode. But now there's like six so you only get about 90 seconds per story. I'm kind of pissed no one uses my DH Prediction list after that was the reason the new blog didn't launch right away. Adam Carolla Sucks.




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