Netiquette | 01/25/06

At what point did humankind decide that communicating via the written word was a lower priority than toe nail clipping? I get a couple hundred emails every day, anywhere from 400-600. No really. Maybe 5% of them are actually something relevent to my job, unless somehow having a 24 inch penis would somehow increase my negotiating skills on the phone. Of that 5%, maybe 10% are proofread. Since we're in the middle of a hiring spree I get to read a good number of applications as well as the inane cover letters that come with them. "Hire me. I luv life and I'm really good to be around". That's nice. Of the 20 or so applications I've received, Christine and I picked out about eight we wanted to interview. I wrote emails to them inviting them to come in. So far only one person has replied. Her email said, "I an defenetely be there!" Ok, we all make typing mistakes. God knows I make a ton in each entry. But as far as I know, no potential employer is using my blog to evaluate my skillz. You didn't even put the C in Can! You're applying for a job here, don't you think it's worth the extra four seconds to make sure all the letters are in the word you want to use? Donald Trump wouldn't take that shit and neither will we.




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