Giving Thanks | 11/30/06

Since I was gone for Thanksgiving I didn't a chance to thank the powers that be for the good fortune of my family and friends this year. And since this sappy entry will only be around for a day before it gets replaced by December, it seems the perfect time to do it!

I am thankful...that Jamie was able to get through this really difficult year.

I am thankful...that Kathy found the right man and got married.

I am thankful...Chris and Michael are happy at Indiana University.

I am thankful...Ricky didn't blow off my inane web design questions two years ago; I'd probably be cleaning toilets otherwise.

I am thankful...Steve got into the University of Chicago even though he hates being there now.

I am thankful...Brian doesn't block me from Instant Messenger since all I do is ask him questions. Still.

I am thankful...Marty is on the brink of getting the job at TCU.

I am thankful...T-Chris still hangs out with me and has done so weekly for the past three years.

I am thankful...for P-Chris and Elena doing so poorly in College Pick 'Em. Without them I would not be in first place going into the last round of the season.

I am thankful...that I like working with everyone in my building and don't hate my job like so many people.

I am thankful...that Christine goes out to lunch with me a lot. Otherwise I'd have no one to complain to/with.

I am thankful...for Chompy and Abby because man, they're the best dogs in the world.


Mike (Unknown)

This is a great site

Steve (Unknown)

It really is.

Tree (Unknown)

Your photo gallery don't have true thumbnails. And down with security codes. Those things seriously blow. And what spam? You get like 2 comments a day.

Mike (Unknown)

The thumbnails are there--you just have to choose a category first. And I get tons of robot spam so it's a necessary evil.



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