Bust a Move | 01/28/06

I hate to admit it but I was wrong. Very, very wrong. For weeks I had chided jamie about not being ready to move. Two years ago chris and I had been recruited to help only to spend the next 12 hours lugging four peoples' crap down stairs Trapper Keeper by Trapper Keeper. Last year wasn't as bad but we still ended up having to move all of the heavy stuff while Jamie and Liz signed papers and Kristin's fiancee carried in empty vases and plastic bowls brimming with plastic garlic. So sure, I thought, this year will suck again. But no. Everything was totally ready for us. By the time that micahael, pchris and elena (who has not updated her blog in ages) got there we were able to assembly line things onto the truck. The whole loading process took less than 90 minutes and Jamie treated us to some Olive Garden. I didn't even yell. Not once. Thanks Jamie!




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