Kiss my ass, Atlanta Bread Company | 01/29/06

I hate you guys. I can understand you not wanting to show Desperate Housewives instead of the Superb Owl. I get it. But it's the week before! You've got the slot open, obviously, because showed a rerun. That's not cool. You always are able to air a new Extreme Makeover: Pity Me every week and surely it takes more resources to slop one of those together. Oh and thanks for telling us last week that this week would be a rerun so we could make other plans you assholes. You don't even have any other shows on your network when it's not football season--show the reruns then. Man, I'm so pissed. I just want to know if Gabriel and the nun are going to get it on. Oh come on, I know you were thinking it too.




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