Dual-ing Monitors | 01/30/06

I finally broke into the 21st century and set-up dual monitors at home like everyone has at work. Best Buy was having a really great deal so I got two of the 21" flat panels. I picked them up at lunch time but when it came time to install them after work I discovered I had been sold the wrong video card. Fortunately brian was home and steered me in the right direction. Now that I have them set up I don't know how I sat here looking at pictures of Chompy on a single screen for so long. An update that doesn't totally suck is in the works, I promise. I don't think you have any room to complain, you either don't keep a blog or don't update it even close to daily so bite me. Except for you Brian, you don't have to bite me. And I'm sorry your link is no longer showing up in green even though you update every weekday.




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