Funeral Arrangements | 02/03/06

This coming Monday at 3pm will be the funeral for jamie's Dad. I know you all have things to do but I can tell you that it would mean a great deal if you could come at some point (the "party" afterwards will surely rage on for a few hours) and just give her a hug. I think most of are fortunate in that both our parents are still alive so anything you could for right now would be great. The directions to the church: if you take Meridian north until Piedmont, take a right on Piedmont then just follow it until you come to the big church. There's only one you can't miss it.

Thank you so so so much to my co-workers at RD and to Ricky for helping me building the site from scratch in 36 hours. The site is going to be taking donations for the Doug Brinkmeyer Celebration Habitat for Humanity House and they ask in lieu of flowers or anything else you make a small donation to the project. Thank you guys all so much.




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