Superb Owl | 02/05/06

First things first:If you're planning on coming to the funeral tomorrow jamie suggests getting there a little early so you get a seat. There will be a lot of people there. If you're not going to be there by 3pm, the post-service stuff starts around 4pm and I think it's party-style so seating won't matter. We hope as many of you can come as you can. Thanks. On to less serious things...

tchris, elena and pchris joined Jamie and I for a Superb Owl party. We only half-watched the game and easily spent more time talking the various awesome qualities of our dogs. I was rooting for Pittsburg because they had a 4-2 edge of former FSU stars including Bryant McFadden.

On Saturday we hit up Georgio's for the first time since we went there for our RD Christmas Party. Everything was much better and I got three (that's right three) slices of the potato pie. Awesome.




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