Happy Birthday Steve! | 02/06/06

Happy 22nd Birthday Steve. I can't get over how good you look in this picture; hard to believe we're related. On my 22nd birthday I passed out against a dumpster and Kathy had to carry me back my apartment where I wasted no time in crumpling on the floor. Ah, the yesteryears. We had all gone to WaterWorks (Mark, Kathy...Angela...Dan Herbert?) and Mark and I did Irish Car Bombs until I couldn't stand. Then we went to...oh man, Waffle House. I don't know how I avoided throwing up that night. Anyway, happy birthday.

Thanks to everyone (pchris, elena, tchris, Kathy, ricky, tami and michael) who came to jamie's dad's funeral. There between 600 and 700 people at the ceremony; unbelievable. Seeing that many people really makes you want to say, "Shit Chompy, I'm not doing anything with my life--I could barely fill a pew". I thought Jamie's ex-boyfriend Matt finally forgave me for stealing his woman when he solemnly waved to me as we were walking out. Turns out he was waving to Jamie's mom who was right behind me. Oops.

They're going to be naming the library at the courthouse in Doug's honor. That's pretty cool.




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