Wring That Sock Out At The Bank | 02/09/06

Since there's so much going on today let's take a break from the Percentages List. First, today is a Write The Caption day.

I got my ass kicked in Karate by this 18 year old girl who was studying to be a tattoo artist. She was almost done with her studies but she was still having problems "drawing straight lines". Super. We learned our first two kenpos tonight. I keep trying to get people to grab my wrists so I can do my new move but as pchris demonstrated at poker tonight, it's hard to do in practice without the crucial nut-kick.

Congratulations to elena who got her first (sanctioned) kill of the year and to tchris for finally ending the game at midnight and getting his first (sanctioned) win of the year.

Tomorrow we're going to take a five hour lunch and go to Gordo's. I'm pumped.




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