Happy Valentine's Day | 02/14/06

Happy Valentine's Day jamie! Since she had a rape group to lead and I had karate we agreed to celebrate later this week. Doing a later-day celebration of a holiday is a great idea. You can go eat anywhere you want without the jack-up of prices and you won't have to brush elbows with frat guys wearing suits and flip-flops before they move on to raping their drunken dates.

If you think that picture is gross imagine waking up at 3am and pooping for an hour and a half. Yeah, don't eat the Valentine's Day ham. Chompy and I both ate something especially horrible for us and she was puking and I was, well, you know...poopin'. We're both fine now but it made for a rough night. You'll be pleased to know that both my beloved dog and I fine now.




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