Mike vs. The Ogre | 02/15/06

Listen. I'm 6'1" and weigh about 165 lbs when soaking wet. I am not a big man. However, since I'm over 5'8" I'm apparently considered tall which apparently means Big. In karate I was paired up with the resident ogre, a very nice older gentleman of about 50 who is about 6'5", 250. Everything was going great and he did a wonderful job of teaching me the finer movements of the skills until he punched me in the eye. It was an accident of course but it was a hard enough punch to knock my contact lens to the back of my left eye and leave the bottom of it a little puffy. Of course if you're in karate you know you're going to get punched but it's one thing to take a shot in the arm or chest and something completely different to take one in the face. I think I did a convincing job of laughing it off--I felt worse for him. And believe you me, he apologized about fifty times. But now, friends, I am am man.




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