Today Was The Worst | 02/16/06

Man, today was the worst. I found at work that since I was only going to be there for another 2 yearsish that I wasn't worth investing in because I was just going to leave. I'm not sure how deeply that goes (raises, training, conferences?) but it can't be good. It's not like I'm going to half-ass it while I'm here--I couldn't if I wanted to, there's only 12 people that work here and if I just suddenly stopped working it might be noticeable. And who wants to work where there's no "next rung"? I really want to kick ass while I'm here even if I don't want to do it for the rest of my life. I'd be really unhappy. But the next two years is long enough that I'd still be into it and continue to kick ass. Oh well. Strike one.

None of us will be allowed to test for our yellow belts on Saturday. I'm pissed. Do I have everything perfect? Hell no but I don't need another three months practicing. I need a week, two tops. Yeah, I'm pissed. Strike Two.

tchris whomped us in poker tonight. And when I say whomped I mean he killed all three of us. It was an epic battle in heads-up and he and jamie went at it hard for a solid hour. There was little folding or small bets. It was throw-to-the-mat style and it went back and forth every hand with bets between 300-1200 every hand. Crazy. I was the first one out despite having about 80% of the chips after an hour. Strike Three.




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