TODAY was the worst | 02/19/06

On Friday we played Settlers of Catan,IA (didn't you know the game takes place in Iowa?) with tchris, Kathy and marty. jamie managed to lose by a single turn for the third straight game. I like Marty a lot and I really regret that we didn't have more time together in school. When we finished playing...wait a second. This was Saturday night! Ok rewind...

On Friday night I hung out with chris and a bunch of his friends from his former days in the Lab at FSU. We went to Leon Pub and then to some Indian place. I fell asleep while we were there and once I got home I let the dogs out and immediately fell asleep. There we go.

Jumping (back) ahead to Saturday I downloaded the PC version of the game. If you click here you can download it. It's a good way to learn quickly and that's really all I wanted it for so it's serving its porpoise.

Last night we watched a dull DH followed by an equally dull GA. ABC has really been letting us down t his season. In other news my garbage disposal is broken and I have a sink half-filled with old chocolate milk that won't go down the drain. And about 200 families of roaches who are enjoying their new waterfront real estate. Sucks to live in Florida.




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