Psyche! | 11/28/06

I left work early yesterday because I felt like crap after looking after a monitor for four hours. Since my day was so uneventful, and because it's the time of season, I will present some donation options. The goal is not for pure $$$ but to raise awareness.

Habitat For Humanity - Doug Brinkmeyer House: Believe it or not, in just under a year over $35k of the $47k needed has been raised. The rest has to be in by February.

Dr. Help: Based out of the University of Florida. "Bringing medical aid to people in distress is an attempt to defend them against what is aggressive to them as human beings. Humanitarian action is more than simple generosity, simple charity. It aims to build spaces of normalcy in the midst of what is abnormal. More than offering material assistance, we aim to enable individuals to regain their rights and dignity as human beings."

Second Harvest of the Big Bend: Somehow they're able to turn each dollar of donations into six Christmas meals. I sent them $50 so that should feed just about everyone.




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