Fun Dip | 02/23/06

Today at work Liz discovered my blog. She gave me the same warning most people do when they read it--that I might want to be concerned about what people think. I gave the standard reply of saying I wouldn't write anything in here that I wouldn't say to someone's face. The internet is no place for secrets. Truth be told I was more concerned about her analyzing the code that powers that and drawing a big black X next to my name than about anything scandalous I've written. Today was better at work although I feel like I've totally lost track of what my job is. Every day is some new adventure and while I enjoy the variety I wish good things were happening instead of doing new and exciting things to correct problems. Alas.

So it's Thursday and I know everyone is just dying to know who won our weekly poker game. It was me. More importantly than my stunning win though was I had Fun Dip for the first time. I'd explain but according to everyone else I was the only person on the planet who had never had it before. It was kind of weird at first but I certainly wouldn't turn down some Razzamazzapple or whatever it was called if someone offered it to me. tchris had an awesome book on the history of Absolute ads. It was really cool; those guys and gals are really creative.




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