Marty the Porn Star | 02/24/06

marty was emailed to see if he had any interest in being a porn star. I got emailed from the fine folks at I'm not saying my life is more boring than his I'm just saying that I must not have what it takes to move from "Middle Management" to Middle Management. Get it? Managing my mid-section? Anyway.

On Friday night jamie and I went to play tennis. I think we played for a good half hour before she determined the balls were too flat to play with and we left.

On Saturday night I hung out with Jamie again for a long time before we had a late-night visit from the SoC. Sadly, they did not stay long after I ordered dozens of soldiers to remove them from my house.

I spent Sunday cleaning out the Taurus. You might not think of this as an all-day activity but I can assure you that it was. I probably had enough spilled dog food in my trunk to have kept all the animals left homeless by Katrina well-fed for about a week. I also found a love note from some Elementary school kids from Woodville Elementary from when the steel band played there. It was all crumpled up and caked with dog food though so the nice sentiment ended up in the trash. When I cleaned the inside I found about $8 which bought me coffee and a bagel this morning. Now it's spotless and I will not be embarassed to have people ride in it.




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