More Sleep, Sweet Sleep | 02/28/06

I really need to get a cup for karate. With Kurt and Christine at a conference in New York I had to go to karate by myself. I forgot to call Kurt's woman and tell her to come with me. Because I was there alone I got paired with the 18 year old budding tatoo artist (Ashley) again. For the second time in two pairings she kicked me in the nuts and told me to get a cup. I hate how when we started karate our class was full of white belts and now it's like a ass-kicking rainbow. The schedule clearly says White Belts from 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday and Thursdays. Why does that make me so angry? Because the instructors spend most of their time teaching the upper belts how to do 42-point combinations and we're left to rely on other white belts to figure out what's going on. And white belts have no idea what's going on. It's really starting to get frustrating when I can't even get one damn question answered in the hour I'm there.

I know it's most likely about 2 years away but I can't wait to get out of this city and start fresh somewhere. If you remember the movie Ghostbusters (only one of two movies I've ever seen) there's a part where that green ghost (Slimer?) goes right through someone and the person is all covered in green slime. That's how I feel; like I'm covered in green goo. I feel like I'm not going to be around in the business world long enough to succeed and I fear that I'll have been out of music too long to succeed. What happens when I have to take my prelims? If you think for one second that I remember the dates of ANY composer (other than myself) or how to analyze some weird atonal piece you are sadly mistaken. I'll most likely be thrown in the lowest-division with all of the retarded choir and music education grad students and I'm sure I won't be happy there.

Confidental to marty: If you're worried about putting your foot(-l) in your mouth then I think you've got a real shot in this industry.




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