Sippy Cup | 03/05/06

Let's see now. Working backwards...on Sunday I finally got around to buying my karate cup. Back in the day (12 years ago) when I played soccer and basketball the Cup we had was squishy. There wasn't going to be a lot of contact so it was more of a Just In Case sort of thing. Nowadays apparently they only make the baseball kind. Rigid plastic made with the intent of scraping your inner-thigh (at best). I tried to play it cool at Sports Authority when the 17 year old salesgirl asked me what I needed. Oh, just some new tennis balls and some wrap for the handle. I snuck back to where the cups were and after about 10 minutes sadly discovered there were no soft ones. I weaseled back up to the check out line and when I got to the front the salesgirl said, "Oh, you don't need a hard cup for tennis" No kidding. "And you can't return matter what" No matter what? What if there's a severed penis in it when I open it?

On Saturday we hung out with chris and his gang. We played a lot of Hoopla and Balderdash. I'm not sure if I don't like because there's a BALD in the title or if it's just because I suck at coming up with other definitions of words. Jimmy and Heather (no link?!) brought some donuts and I ate three in about two minutes right before we left. Big mistake.

On was Barbara's birthday at work (the dreaded 2-6) and Chris and I stopped to get her treats at Publix before work. For lunch the three of us met up with jamie and Liz at Decent Pizza (I guess technically the four us [+Liz] met up with Jamie but whatever). When I got home my under-knee (I think it's called a tendon) started hurting and it still hasn't stopped. Alas.




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