Quadrupeds | 03/06/06

I can't say how much I enjoy playing the Alexa Game. For only 10 minutes a day it's fun and it's a really great concept. There are people on there that take it much more seriously than I do (I would have to imagine) and while I think it would be nice to have $10m I think the amount of dedication it would take would ruin the fun aspects of it. I'm totally sold on the concept and maybe next year I'll offer to help code a Mutual Fund option since I think it would even more fun if you could buy into SuperStock with people in your group that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to buy with your limited funds at the beginning. A couple days ago I owned all of w3.org and that made me feel like I was cool; then I remembered it was just a game and they probably wouldn't consider making a <chompy> tag in my honor afterall.




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