Wolfplop | 10/05/06

Well that sucked. FSU lost to a team that lost to the University of Akron. That's embarassing. Someone needs to be blamed for this loss but I'm not sure who. Drew Weatherford completed most of his passes and did a really nice job of avoiding many, many sacks. Even Lorenzo Booker didn't dance around as much and actually had several nice plays. Jeff Bowden was a little more aggressive. Hmm. Oh that's right the 3rd string defense was on the field. Let's start the blame with stupid penalties and then move to JR Bryant. Man, there are reasons you were playing in junior college. Now, let's move back to Jeff Bowden. Running it on 3rd and 20?!?! Talk about throwing up the white flag. I knew I should have gone to USC.

How little did FSU care about NC State? FSU rented a band! In place of the Marching Nerds was the NC Central Marching Band. They played all of the FSU songs and chants and honestly, they did a really good job. They threw in some weird harmonies to things and you can bet the halftime show was way more funky, if not just all-around better. We were speculating last night what would happen if the game had been in Tallahassee and NC State had decided to use their Phone A Friend to Florida A&M. Weird. Florida A&M hates FSU of course so who knows what would have happened. I bet there would have been riots though.




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