Weekend Update | 03/12/06

Friday: One of my semi co-workers was arrested for his third DUI AND driving without a license. I say semi-coworker because he works for the magazine and not really for RD. Nonetheless he called Kurt to bail him out of jail. Personally I think he needs to rot in jail before he kills someone. I know he's young but I don't care. It's not like he hasn't had chances before. At least he'll probably lose his sales job as my semi-coworker when they take his license away for the next five years. You dumbass.

Barbara left before she, chris and I could have our inaugural Photoshop Contest. I declare myself winner for today's picture because, well, you should read the Chompblog.

Saturday: Worked on scores all day until around 7pm when I got ready and headed over to jamie's Housewarming Party. I was the third to arrive (after Chris and michael natually). We were later joined by tami, ricky, pchris, elena and Tim. I gotsta give a SupDog out to Ricky who was offered a new job at the Department of Revenue so he can now leave the rat-infested bowels of the State System, my former place of employment, the JAC. It was also rumored that Kathy was the first out of her poker game up at brian's. Brian apparently won second, a position I never find myself in.

Sunday: Worked on EVEN MORE scores, including Soca Chompy. I know there's always an inate eye-roll when I talk about steel drum music but Soca Chompy is nothing to sneeze at. After revisions the score was over 27,000 notes. This ain't Margaritaville. I'm surprised I remembered when the "Count" feature is in Finale since I hadn't used it so long.

Thank GOD Desperate Housewives is going to be running against The Sopranos from now on. Last night's episode was pretty darn good so maybe they know that Sunday nights aren't a gimme anymore. I was a little disappointed that Paul didn't die when he was locked in the police van. I mean come on, like those hardened criminals wouldn't have killed him? Come on. I am really getting sick of the Susan parts of the story. Shouldn't there be some meat to character other than giggling and falling in love with all the wrong people? Who cares! If *I* were in charge here would be next week: Andrew would kill Bree, Andrew's lover would kill him. Paul would kill him. Martha Huber's sister would kill him. Mike would kill her. Dr. Ron would kill him. Karl would kill him. Susan would kill him. Zack would kill Susan. Julie would kill Zack. Stay tuned for next week!




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