UW-Milwaukee vs. Oklahoma | 03/13/06

My beloved UWM Panthers get to play Oklahoma in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. In case you live in Tallahassee (but under a rock) FSU was snubbed to make room for contenders like Air Force. Whatever. I wanted to go to the UWM game (since they made the Sweet 16 last year) but jamie informed me the cheapest tickets were around $150 and I would have had to have taken Thursday off from work to go to the game. If you're playing one of those College Pick 'Em pick UWM to win. They won't go to the Final Four of course but I have them beating both OU and Florida (take that Gators) before losing to Boston College (a team, I might add, they beat last year). So trust me--bet on the Panthers (but, you know, not too much, they did just get a new coach afterall and managed to lose to Missouri State).




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