Googlit | 03/14/06

Thanks for using FSU's colors Senator Stabenow. We appreciate that. In case you've never noticed it there is a small blue box in the right-hand navigation on this page. This tells me how people get to my site. So today, friends, I challenge you to come up with a clever way of coming to the Chompblog. Let me give a sample because except for brian and Rob (not that he reads this anyway) I'm not sure you've ever done it before. Go find some random (but somewhat original) words on a page and then start putting guesses into Google. As a bad example: Chompy does not like cichlids, when typed into Google, yields a Chompblog hit. Then you click that link and it shows up as the path to how someone got here. I'll post the best ones tomorrow.

I played my best game ever of Settlers of Catan, destroying the three computer players (all on expert/aggressive) 14-2-3-3. I would have never gone for more than 10 in person because hey, no one wants you to rub their kicked-ass in their face. I'm telling you right now going only for development cards and cities will ensure victory. That is all.




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