Que Dia | 03/15/06

Have brian's posts lately been really really interesting or is it just me (and because they've been talking about me)? Yesterday he had a link where you could compare your photos and the software did a face recognition and compared yours to famous celebrities. My first choice was Billy Bob Thornton but I have a feeling he'd be more offended to find out he looks like me. In today's entry he has my role in the Uri! Movie! being played by Adam Sandler. Oh come on. I'm not that annoying. I do have a lot of fun voices and write catchy songs but still. I think Russell Crowe would make a much better me. Or, now, Chuck Norris (because behind my stubble is another first [now]).

Yesterday was my (observed) Sixth Month Anniversary at The RD. Kurt was kind enough to take us all out to Paradigm (along with jamie). With Barb now gone my new role as Barbara 2.0 has swung into high gear. While she's frolicking with her new hubby in Panama I'm slaving away trying to keep the spammers out of her sites and sending polite but firm emails to people wanting to exchange links with our Christian website. I always say something like this: While we applaud your noble efforts in spreading the Word we unfortunately do not participate in link exchanges. I wish you the best luck with all your projects in His name. God Bless. That sounds pretty good, eh? Hopefully she'll be back stateside soon for to tell me where everything is. I spend way more time looking for things than I do making changes. She was really, really good about commenting things off which makes all the difference in the world for someone unfamiliar with the sites. Thanks Barb!

Last night I almost died. I'm not fucking around. I almost died. I decided to reclaim my kitchen from the roaches that decided to take up residence. Armed with six rolls of paper towel, two cans of RAID and three squeezies of 409 I went inch by inch cleaning and fumigating. Much to my surprise I didn't find a single live roach and of the dozens of dead ones none were too big for me to not be able to scoop up. As my reward for liberating the kitchen I decided I was going to treat myself to some hot dogs on the grill. Chompy and I were standing outside in the backyard and I lit the grill, as I've done hundreds of times in the past, except the flame ran down the hose and caught the top of the propane tank on fire. It was at this point I really started freaking out. I yelled at Chompy to go in the house but she was pooping and needed a little more time. Not giving her the option I picked her up by the collar and threw her in the house. Naturally, my fire extinguisher was in my car so I had to settle for dousing it with multiple plastic cups of water. After about a dozen cups the fire was small enough that I was willing to reach my hand in to shut off the gas. Once I had done that the fire stopped a few seconds later although the pads of all the fingers on my left hand are sufficiently burnt. Thank God it didn't explode; the gas can was probably on fire for at least two minutes. Whew.

Please vote for your favorite Sneaky Term:
Chompy killed Ab in Settlers of Catan. Got any wheat?
Chris and Michael play poker and poke in the kitchen
Adam Corolla slept with Jamie in your car
I really need to get a cup for karate
Since I'm no longer kicking ass in the Alexa Game I might as well share the secret of huge increases (Way to half-ass that one)




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