NCAA Upsets | 03/16/06

Well the first upset of the day was UWM's whomping (Word Whomp!) of Oklahoma. Since I had to work I didn't get to watch the game (did I ever mention that I miss working at home?) but jamie let me know the outcome. Score! Bring on thems Gators! In the bracket game I picked UWM to beat Florida as well. We'll see; UF did beat FSU. But then again UWM is in the tournament and FSU is not so...we'll see.

In the second upset of the day Jamie, last place in the PCS, thoroughly dominated everyone in poker last night. There were eight of us and of the seven kills Jamie had five. The order people went out will give a good shake-up to the PCS rankings with kathy and tchris both in the first four out. It also helped/hurt there were eight people there instead of the usual zero. The only notable absence was poker legend pchris however both ricky (who never updates his blog) and nbrian (who doesn't even know I have blog [if you can believe that]) both came so it was fun. We learned that N-Brian was moving away after April. That'll be sad. It's going to be a rough summer with a lot of people I know moving onto bigger and better things well the rest of us toil away.




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