Hooray For Kathy | 03/19/06

Three cheers for Kathy and her new-fiance Fed-Chris (so many Chrises...). They got engaged on Saturday and I got to snap some love-shots on Lake Ella on Sunday. Unfortunately they were all on F-Chris' camera so you'll have to settle for this one. We dug in for some Settlers of Catan,IA last night since DH was a rerun. In the first game jamie, through wicked negotiating (I'll give you a brick for 311 ore) blew the three of us out of the water and in the second game the Sheep-Ore-Wheat (SOW) strategy paid off for me. The two lovebirds were not able to win any games.

UWM lost big time to Florida. The officiating was horrible and while UF did deserve to win, had the calls been fair the margain of victory would have been much less. Whatever, no oen likes the Gators anyway. Except fellow Gators. And no one likes them.

Also over the weekend I made some significant changes to the blog. First off all, the RaceR game I made yesterday has been a big hit. Secondly (and I guess finally) I fixed the Guilt Links so you can turn them on or off. If you're using Internet Explorer turn them off because none of the page will load until all the link reports have come in. In Firefox it'll load the rest of the page. Anyway, you have to refresh once you choose on or off. But it still works (finally).

Congratulations to Steve who was accepted for his Masters at the University of Chicago.




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