Back For Real | 11/27/06

Now that I have returned to the world of the living I reckon it is time to share the details of our trip to the Caribbean. We left Cape Canaveral on Sunday and on the first day at sea Jamie played in a Texas Hold 'Em tournament where she finished 5th of 11. The problem was that you could buy back in so how challenging is that? That's why I didn't play but Jamie still did pretty well.

Next we hit Haiti, the place I was the most afraid to go. Little did I know that Royal Caribbean leased (and thoroughly fenced off) a hunk of the island. Apparently on the other side of the fence there were thousands of people begging for food but I didn't see them. Knowing that, I felt a little bad about throwing my hot dog and hamburger away but that's how it goes. The beach was beautiful.

In Jamaica Jamie went on a jungle adventure and got a huge bruise on her ass. I hung out with her sister and fended off the locals before we ate at...that's right, Jimmy Buffet's Jamaican restaurant. I even got a pilsner glass for drinking a whole Red Stripe all by myself.

Storms came in so we had to skip the Cayman Islands. They took us there anyway for some reason so we could "see it for ourselves". Personally I would have rather had another day in Cozumel but whatever. We were supposed to go snorkeling so there went my one excursion.

Cozumel was nice but since Jamie was seasick I mostly kept her company. I played mini-golf with Jamie's brother-in-law and he whomped me. Shocking. For Thanksgiving we had turkey, ham and instant mashed potatoes.

It was really, really, really windy on the trip back. The winds were 54mph so my rematches of mini-golf didn't go very well.

We drove back to Tallahassee and Ricky and AJ did a great job of attending to my dog. As soon as they left I got really, really sick and stayed that way all day Sunday and Monday. Bummer.




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