Cindy Sheehan | 03/22/06

Now Susan Sarandon is going to be playing the part of her in a movie! Suddenly Russel Crowe playing me in my biographical movie seems not only feasible but reasonable. If I had to pick someone to play Cindy Sheehan in a movie it would be...the fat kid from Gremlins. Surely he's old enough that he could be a convincing Cindy. Surely. When is there going to be a moderate party that will let my wives have abortions but still lower my taxes? Is that too much to ask?

Today is our last (pray to god) day of being a white belt. christine and Kurt are sure things and I'd put my chances at around 90%. I'll be really pissed if some of the other white belts in our class test. There are two in particular I can think of: Death-Breath Ashley who has no nee for martial arts with breath that could have easily killed off millions of dinosaurs and Pre-Emo Kid who always talks back and is in a perpetual state of "about to get ass kicked". When I see the current yellow belts I have to believe they pass anyone who is not a quadquadriplegic. There's this one fat kid who I firmly believe would poop his pants if he were ever in a fight. On a more random note there is a brown belt who looks exactly like my cousin Michael. Weird.

brian's stock didn't move yesterday despite my throwing heaps of traffic at him with cleverly disguised links. Today's entry is really good; much better than the Harry Potter stuff yesterday. You should read it (I haven't sold the stock yet so there's still a chance...)




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