Kia (Autosport) | 03/23/06

Time for a quick review of the day. The Urizone lost me about $4k in Alexadex and I'm going to have to cut my losses before the weekend comes. I was told I had "the most interesting job" at work today and while I tend to agree in concept I think the weirdness of chris taking Iraqi dinar orders on the phone is pretty interesting. "Hey. I'm looking to buy some of them Iraqi Dindingis..."

I got my ass kicked in the karate workout (again). There's nothing like looking around during the 50 finger-tip pushups and seeing how red and drippy everyone is, laughing to yourself, and then realizing that you look like that too. Kurt, Karate-Chris (jesus, was there a law about naming your kid chris from 1975-1982?) and I got some threeway action. I think of anyone in the class Kurt would hurt you the most in a fight. He never really extends but instead throws his body into these sharp-ass moves. I think Death Breath would probably be able to hurt you the least because once you started attacking her she'd forget to fight back because she'd be too busy complaining. The test is Saturday. Score.

michael's friend Abby (not the dog) joined us for poker last night. It was her first time and she did really well, finishing 2nd out of six. I, unfortunately for her, did a little bit better and won. We've started playing with the blinds raising on a 15 minute timer. I like it much better since then starting the game as the big blind doesn't suck nearly as bad. Good idea tchris.




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