Mellow Yellow | 03/25/06

To no one's surprise The Big Four all got our yellow belts yesterday. Also receiving their yellow belts were Death Breath and McOgre (isn't that how you denote son-of-ogre?). Much to my surprise there was no real workout until the very end and the irony was not lost on me. Apparently the end of any belt test is a difficult workout to remind you that you always have the strength to defend yourself. While that may be true I will cross my fingers that I never get mugged on my way home after a belt test. I was paired with McOgre and my first kick made a really loud *pop* as I learned the real reason they call it a ball kick. Thank God he was wearing a cup. We all stayed a little bit after the test to take the stunning pictures you see here. It was a closed test so even though some people tried to come they were turned away by Prison-Guard Chad. We were going to take the pictures to make them look life-like but then we realized we already had the new yellow belts on and that might be a giveaway. Anyway, congratulationso to christine, Kurt and Chrissy (and Death Breath and McOgre). Grab my wrists now, bitches.

Yellow Belt




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