Britney Spears Statue | 03/26/06

Hey assholes, thanks for all the Congratulation On The Yellow Belt comments you left me on yesterday's post. Anyway, I lost about $250k in Alexadex yesterday which dropped me to #22 again. Once you hit #20 you're invited to join the Top Ten room (even though you're not really in the top ten but whatever). Since it seems all their buying patterns are different than us "normies" I can't wait to hear the secrets to their success. On My Secret Site I saw this picture of Britney Spears yesterday and I bought all the shares of the website it was on. Who could pass up that picture? Not me, that's for sure. It's really rather revolting and any hotness that was once, or ever, associated with Britney is now gone forever. I really want to know if the baby's head is sticking out of her hoo-hoo but of course there are no pictures from that angle.

Desperate Housewives was back to its mediocrity again last night. What I don't really understand is this: Who lets their KID decide when it's time to stop breastfeeding? Not that I really can remember back that far but I'm pretty sure I had no say in the matter. As if a five year old you could come up with the thought "Wait, chocolate milk...that's like mom's boob but so much more....mmmm. That's it; I'm off the teat". Whatever. The Bree story is getting old but I again assert that the Susan plot needs to be cut immediately. My God Chompy, how much more dull can her story get? Apparently Grey's Anatomy was a rerun last night and I watched the second half. Bo-ring. Pick me. Want me. Choose me. Love me. Hell no, you're crazy (even though you are, in fact, pretty darn cute).

I also updated the Weekly Poker Championship page with some missing pictures AND (if you haven't seen it) the new PCS rankings.




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