Pinan 1 | 03/28/06

Last night we learned: Knifehand (would possibly be more effective if holding a knife), Driving Knifehand (also known as the Awkward Nose Breaker), the 8 counterstrikes, Raking Tiger Claw (Nut Grab N' Tug) and, worst of all, Pinan 1. The best way I can think to describe Pinan 1 is like this: You're in Buenos Aires. It's around 11pm and you're in a classy joint; all dressed up. A beautiful girl comes up to you and asks you to dance; you accept. As your dancing you're attacked by like 10 pirates and have to kick all of their asses while continuing to dance with your woman.

I like karate.


Brando (Unknown)

your description was very funny, if you like Martial arts take a look at this link...curious to see if you like history, let me know. talk soon.



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