Def Leppard | 03/29/06

Last night chris, michael and jamie and I went to go play trivia at Gil's. Believe it or not there was an opera category. We got a 7/10. Two of the ones we got wrong were questions directed at people who didn't know anything about opera so they questions, while about an opera composer, were about some random historical fact. Oh well, 7/10 is a C and I'd probably get a C on an music history test I'd take today. Last night Rod Smith had some Vote For Me Bullshit meeting. Jamie ditched it to play trivia but I was not surprised to see the Annoying Trivia guying wearing a Rod Smith sticker on his ample breast. Man, if an opportunity presents itself he's getting a driving knifehands to the whole body.

Last night I left work around 7:15pm. That's no good. It was one of those days where my morning was beautifully routine but when the afternoon hit it was like my solar system of work absorbed about 14 new planets to revolve around me. I notice I've been getting a lot of hits from the Britney Spears Statue post a few days back. Who knew that her doggy-style birthing would be so popular? I sure didn't!

The Winner Of The Karate Caption Contest is...Steve!




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