The Great Gatsby | 03/30/06

Last night the Weekly Poker Tournament was played in jamie's house. If you read The Great Gatsby when you were younger, and you probably did, it could have taken place at Jamie's house. It's the pool house of this mansion down on Tennessee Street but it's easily big enough to accommodate a girl and her The Ab. Jamie won a hard-fought game with Kathy while the rest of us sleepily sat around while the heavyweights battled it out.

At karate we learned the Tiger Mouth Kenpo. It's our first "throw" and I was having stomach problems all night from hitting the ground so many times. I know your arm is supposed to break the fall with that Hand Slap thing but all it does is make your hand hurt more than your body so you don't focus on how bad your body hurts. Sneaky. I have a huge gash on my finger from where it got caught in a loose thread loop on my gi and it sliced the skin open much in the way you can use dental floss to cut cake. We also learned the straight-on knife attack block. I hope no one comes at me with a knife I'd be in big trouble (Chompy).




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