Dr. Blessinger | 04/03/06

I got a call from my mom around midnight last night that my uncle died. He was diagnosed with brain cancer around the same time jamie's dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I think it's for the best as he deteriorated relatively quickly and there's something to be said for the family being able to let go and return to their lives.

Congratulations to Dr. marty Blessinger who passed his dissertation defense last night. chris and I met up with him and the Theory Gang along with michael at Andrew's and had some beers. It was decided we would play an impromptu game of poker at 9pm. tchris, Chris and Michael showed up promptly but where were Marty and kathy? Allegedly they just forgot and came an hour late. I don't have a picture to put up but T-Chris was our big winner. Yeah that was a long winded Congratulations.

Since I was tagged by brian to write Six Unusual or Weird Habits I figure I'll give it a shot.




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